Monday, 14 August 2017


Hiya my loves it been a bit of a while but nevermind I'm here now with another What Would Willson Wear. Yesterday I went out for lunch with the fam in Newark and the weather was absolutely gorgeous (finally after weeks of humidity n rain, my hair has not been happy). 

Today I focused my outfit on blush tones, clashing my fave pink leather moto jacket with this adorable burgundy pinafore skater dress. I layered a plain white tee under the dress to make it more day-time casual. For anyone looking for the perfect PWT this one from Zara is the one. I bought these white trainers last weekend in Brighton, as I needed some emergency comfy shoes for a night out seeing as my feet had been destroyed from wearing heels the night before. They have a cute lil pink suede lip on the heel which makes them perfect for this outfit. Of course I couldn't leave the house without my trusty sequin eye mini backpack to throw all my shit in x

Dress - American Apparel
Jacket - Zara
Trainers - Primark

Friday, 21 July 2017

Absolute Bangers: JUNE/JULY (ft. brand new single from The Seamonsters)


We're back again with yet another Absolute Bangers. I missed last month purely to exams so we're gonna combine the two lads get ready. 
The past month and a half has been good to me for gigs, whether that be watching or actually performing at. Right at the beginning of June me and the gals played our first festival at Cambridge Strawberry Fair, the largest and longest running free festival since 1977. We opened The Flying Pig Stage which gave us the rest of the day to watch our fave bands, get absolutely spandangled in the rave tent and dad-dance the night away. I managed the catch the last half The Staycations' set at The Portland Ballroom Stage who I've been meaning to see for ages, thankfully they saved their bangers Hey GuysThe Enemy and Ophelia for the end of their slot. On the main stage I saw my faves and winners of the under and over 18's Cambridge Band Competition, Maverick and Flint Moore, and caught Saltfen's set at the Cambridge 105FM stage. 
creds: @katoliviah
At the end of June I went to a gig hosted by the band Ugly at The Blue Moon. The first support was General Waste who I'd seen back in April and fell in love with instantly. They're what I'd imagine Slaves would be like if they were all gals. Next was a two-piece called Self Love whose sound I can only describe as the Royal Blood of fucked up time signatures (which made it fascinating to listen to). By the third band I had already hit blur level with the JDs n cokes but boi were Kill Liz killing it. Fronted by Harry Shapiro (who is only 16 might I add wtf what an absolute boi), they've got a keen following in Cambridge and are definitely on my gig list for the near future. Of course the headliners Ugly were phenomenal as usual and have been now been banned from The Blue Moon Pub after this gig (I managed to get kicked out after being on someones shoulders, but does it really count if it's the last song anyway?) which means they've been officially blacklisted from every venue in Cambridge. If thats not an achievement then I dont know what is.  
During the first week of July me and the gals of Violet Flares headlined a festival for the first time ever holy shit man (read more about those shenanigans HERE). 
The following weekend I saw Flint Moore and Maverick yet again at the Cambridge Big Weekend at Parkers Piece. I made a bit of a rookie error going to this gig the day after my summer ball in which I moshed in six inch platforms. My feet were blue by the end of that weekend lmao.  

The Seamonsters - Wonderland (OUT TODAY)

The Seamonster's brand new single is being released today! I've been following this band for a while now so I was thrilled when they sent my their new track prior to the release to review. This up and coming six piece all-girl band from Sheffield are for the fans of Black Honey, INHEAVEN, bright colours and a fuck ton of glitter. Wonderland has an Alice in Wonderland theme that has driving guitar rhythms paired with the angelic voice of Naomi. Their other track Lost (and Found) which was released earlier this year is also such a summer banger so go show them some loving. 
creds: @hatfulofh0llow

Insta - @theseamonsters
Twitter - @cmonstersmusic

23rd July - Crystal Stage @ Tramlines Festival, Sheffield 
7th October - Twisterella Festival, Middlesbrough  

Bedroom / Boredom -  Sex Hair

I finally got round to ordering B/B's most recent EP 'I Wouldn't Worry' this month, even though I've already listened to it to death on spotify. From their snapchat stories over the past few weeks it looks like they've got some brand new tracks in the making (hopefully) very soon ayyy. My favourite track at the moment on the EP, Sex Hair, has a little bit of sax, a little bit of funk and a shit ton of catchy lyrics that get into your head. They've also started making band tees so go get one of them and their EP n cassettes from HERE

Links: BandCamp

14th September - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

Suburban Minds - Addicted To A Daydream

This five-piece from Bury St Edmunds were at strawberry fair this year and released their new EP 'I'll exist when I wake up' last week. It's got an early The Smiths vibes minus the melancholic after taste, and is what I'd imagine what it would sound like if Tom Odell joined The VaccinesAddicted To A Daydream is my personal favourite as it's got this early punk/new wave love child sound. The intro has this cool distorted sample similar to Lemon Jelly from the 90s which transitions into their anthemic soulful lyrics and layered guitar riffs. The whole EP is full of bangers so go hit it up. 


(EP Release Party) 22nd July - Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds
28th July - The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich 

HAIM - Want You Back

This track was released back in June, soo it's a bit late but hey we're combing it all in one. I've been a huge fan of Haim since I first heard 'Forever' back in 2013, and the fact they're an all gal band makes them even better. If you don't know who they are already, they're a sister trio from San Fernando Valley, LA who are well know for their dimension and variation to a slightly unconventional indie rock sound. Their latest single Want You Back is upbeat and fresh yet still retains their classic Fleetwood Mac meets R&B vibe. 


25-27th August - Reading & Leeds Festival



In conclusion, I'm happy to announce that Violet Flares have a new track out today called 'Wax' go check it out. 

Monday, 10 July 2017

VIOLET FLARES LOOKBOOK 2.0 @ Glastonbrooke 2017

Hiya peaches, so last week me and the gals played our first headlining festival Glastonbrooke, which was actually our first ever gig this time last year. Even though we've had quite a few gigs since the last lookbook, I decided to do another one as this gig is particularly special to us. 

Olivia - Lead Guitarist

Not only did Olivia headline the main stage with us, she also had a set in the acoustic tent, worked on the sound desk AND was one of the head organisers for the event (what a babe). As she spent most of the night running around doing bits, she needed a good combination of comfortability and edginess. She wore a white Glastonbrooke t-shirt tucked into her iconic leopard print skirt with a pair of white converse. 

T-Shirt - Glastonbrooke Ltd.
Skirt - Asos
Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Converse
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Guitar - Fender Stratocaster 

Lucille - Rhythm Guitar

I will always envy Lucille for her effortlessly indie appearance and collection of funky shirts. She tucked a bright yellow bodycon dress layered under a checkered shirt into a black denim aline skirt. I always find it handy to wear layers on stage as you never know how hot or cold you're gonna get. The belt helps cinch in the baggy silhouette and the silver hoops add a nice little bit of glitz to this soft grungy look. 

Yellow dress (worn as a top) - H&M
Shirt - M&S
Skirt - Asos
Shoes - Converse

Katrina - Drums

I nearly died when I saw that Katrina's T-Shirt had memes on it (isn't that just the best thing ever, memes and clothes!!). She changed up her usual all black attire with this incredible shirt that just gives me life and paired it with a pair of black skinnies and Timberland style combat boots. 

T-Shirt - VistaPrint
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Primark

Amy (ayy thats me)

I based my whole outfit on this forest green Glastonbrooke t-shirt. I love pairing greens with monochromatics so I wore a pair of black disco leggings and white trainers. For accessories I kept it simple with a shirt white chain and a black beret. I wanted to have little bits of white in the outfit to go with my new bass which I absolutely adore!

T-Shirt - Glastonbrooke Ltd.
Disco leggings - BooHoo
Beret - Vintage
Trainers - Topshop
White Chain - Topshop


We've got so much exciting stuff coming up next month that we're buzzing our tits off for so make sure you follow our social medias n all that jazz x

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Willson Goes To Brighton: VlogBook

Hiya peaches, it's been a while but I've been on holiday and made a little vid for ya, enjoy! x

Sunday, 11 June 2017


Hiya peaches, my sister is moving away to Australia for 13 months for her second year of uni:( So we decided to go out for a piss up to send her off This is a little vid of what I wore with some of the drunken shenanigans, enjoy! X 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Absolute Bangers - MAY

Hiya peaches we're back at it again with another Absolute Bangers. This month has been a bit quiet in regards to gigs as my exams are now in full swing (*internally screaming*). I went to the Over 18s Cambridge Band Competition Final at the Junction at the end of April where the winners of the U18s Final and pals, Maverick, also competed. Lead singer Louis's mum gave me a copy of their latest EP, Uneasy Seasons, mainly so I can learn up the songs as I'm covering for their bassist at a couple of their gigs this summer. My personal fave band of the night aside from them had to be the winners Flint Moore from Downham Market. 
A few weeks after I was back at the Junction to see Declan McKenna on his UK tour with support by Girli (the night before my first exam aha ha ha fuck). I hate to admit it but the crowd was a solid 2/10 due to the fact it was mainly 14 year old girls who start crying if a one meter radius pit opens up (but then again can you even mosh to Declan???)
This a completely shameless plug but me and the gals of Violet Flares are playing at Cambridge Strawberry Fair Festival on the 3rd of June, opening The Flying Pig Stage at midday (which gives us more time to get off our tits later). Entry to the festival is free so come along, see some great bands n chill with us after X

Maverick - Butterflies

Their debut EP Uneasy Seasons came out in January this year produced by R*E*P*E*A*T Records. Considering the fact that right now they're halfway through their GCSE exams, it's hard to believe just how talented they all are. But as their drummer James D'Alessandro says 'If you're good enough, you're old enough'. One of my favourite things about this band in their energetic stage presence that keeps the crowds wrapped round their fingers. The one track that always get stuck in my brain after one of their sets has to be Butterflies, with captivating lyrics by Louis Perritt and progressive guitar rhythms that maintain the drive of the song, its for sure one of my favourites. They're also going to be at Strawberry Fair this weekend at The Wigwam Stage at 2pm. 

Links: Bandcamp

3rd June - Wigwam Stage @ Strawberry Fair, Cambridge 
21st July - Millers Fest @ The Jolly Millers, Cottenham 
4th August - Cambridge Rock Festival
25th August - Reaper Fest @ The Melbourn Rock Club

Flint Moore - Body and Soul

Based in Downham Market, I'm surprised I hadn't heard of Flint Moore before the band competition as they're close to home for me. As soon as their set at the Junction started, I knew for sure that they were going to win (I was also rooting for them as they have a female bassist). I think it's so cute that they have named all their EPs so far after tropical fruits (i.e.Kiwi, Lychee, Pitahaya). Their overall sound is very earthy and nostalgic (think the type of songs you make summer memories to) and reminds me of a more chilled out blend of Red Hot Chili Peppers/Walk Off The Earth. Their track Body and Soul from the Pitahaya EP released last year sounds like one of those old Mumford and Sons anthems minus the banjos. 
Links: Bandcamp
            Twitter            Instagram

3rd June - Strawberry Fair, Cambridge
20th-23rd July - The Secret Garden Party, Abbots Ripton

Wax Colour - Runaway Baby

I first saw these Essex boys when they headlined the Girls Against gig at The Portland Arms last month and managed to get a copy of their DIY EP. As I'm busy 'revising' I always find myself steering towards the album whenever I need some sick study tunes. The whole blend of the album reminds me of Superfood's Don't Say That, with the cleverly crafted instrumental breaks between songs that flow into the next. Runaway Baby has such a beautiful blend of transcending lyrics and lo-fi riffs, and is what I can only describe as 'what a Maccies Banana Milkshake would sound like'. My other fave singles from the EP that I'd recommend would have to be SPS and Crude. 

Links: Bandcamp

GIRLI - So You Think You Can F**k With Do Ya 

I've wanted to see this artist for quite a while now, so when I found out GIRLI was the support for Declan Mckenna at The Junction I was over the moon. From a style perspective, her outfits are just as edgy and crazy as her music wearing head-to-toe pink on stage and on her day to day basis, taking inspiration from Japanese pop and 90's Spice Girls vibes. I wasn't really sure what to expect from one of her live sets, but after half an hour of tampon-throwing, fuckboy-bashing, bubblegum girl power madness, I was not disappointed. For her overall sound, think 'animated feminist gangster rap that's come straight out of a retro video game' but in a North London accent with lyrics that are as discomforting as they are catchy. So You Think is one of my faves as it's one of those songs that puts you in a badass mood and is my go to 'get sesh ready' track at the moment.

Links: SoundCloud

3rd June - Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham
4th June - Mighty Hoopla, London

Image result for nick hakim green twinsNick Hakim - Roller Skates

I stumbled across this track in the depths of Soundcloud, like many of my absolute bangers. Based in New York, Nick Hakim released his debut album Green Twins this month. Everything about the album from the artwork to the music videos and the songs themselves are a psychedelic dream and really gives soul a fresh taste. The track Roller Skates is super mellow and one to relax and fall asleep to (in a good way). I was so excited to discover that he's touring the UK in November this year, so I'll definitely be hitting that up. 

Links: SoundCloud

7th November - The Lantern, Bristol
8th November - KOKO, London
9th November - The Deaf Institute, Manchester
10th November - King Tut's, Glasgow
11th November - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Lastly, I wanted to make note of what I'm sure you have all seen all over the news this past week. For those of you who don't know (which would be surprising as it's been all over social media), a terrorist attack occurred minutes after the end of an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena last Monday killing 22 fans and injuring many others. This news shocked the entire music industry, especially as everyone knows how young Ariana Grande's audience is. But as many other musicians and artists have said since the attack, you shouldn't let events like these put you off going to gigs; whether that be at your local pub or at an arena sized venue. Of course please be safe and stay with your friends at gigs, but nights like these are meant to be enjoyed and no one can take that away from the artists and the fans #OneLoveManchester